Portfolio performing like I would expect

Market is down 3.7% since May 1st (S&P), my total investment portfolio is down 0.87%.    This is exactly what I was looking for when I constructed this strategy.   Less than a quarter of the loss of an all stock portfolio.

Even better my balanced portfolio based off of Ray Dalio’s all weather portfolio is actually up a slight bit.   I haven’t measured the actual portfolio as it should be constructed, but I have been strategically buying stock funds off there lows with limit orders which it causing the slight rise.   This has worked well…. but I still have plenty of money sitting in cash to continue buying these dips (or the option to shift out of bond more in the event of a collapse).

Here is my current portfolio breakdown.   As I had stated in my last post I was moving more towards the final version of the portfolio last Friday, so hence the dip in cash.

Bond 43.5%
Stock 37.9%
Gold 2.3%
Real Estate 4.3%
Other Commodity 1.1%
Cash 10.8%

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