Projection with ranges

Along the line of yesterday’s post. Expected metric in K dollars, with ratio in a range format.

Date Total Range Metric Range
Aug-19 6.6 K to 6.6 K 1.02 to 1.02
Feb-20 35.3 K to 47.3 K 1.12 to 1.20
Aug-20 64.3 K to 88.3 K 1.22 to 1.39
Feb-21 93.5 K to 129.5 K 1.34 to 1.59
Aug-21 123.0 K to 171.0 K 1.46 to 1.82
Feb-22 152.6 K to 212.6 K 1.60 to 2.07
Aug-22 182.5 K to 254.5 K 1.75 to 2.34
Feb-23 212.6 K to 296.6 K 1.92 to 2.64
Aug-23 242.9 K to 338.9 K 2.11 to 2.98
Feb-24 273.5 K to 381.5 K 2.32 to 3.36

As of 12:45 today 12/12/2019:

Current Ratio: 1.16

Current Total: 48 K.

Right in the middle of the metric range for Feb 2020.  The total is above target for the same period.   Hard to say where that will end, but I only see that number going up.

Keeping in mind the above targets are based on averages over a fairly long period of time, and they account for the possibility of a decline in markets.  Adjusted target for Feb 2020 given events since August:

Total:  76.5 K

Ratio:  1.25

That would put us close to the middle of the 6 month goal.   Ahead by  4-5 months.

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